How to bump map / lightmap

For add bumpmap / lightmap to a mesh using 3dstudio max you will need to do the next stage:
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Bumpmapping and lightmap

Click HERE to to try the demo

Another test, this time creating and using lightmap and bumpmap in the same material.

For control :

  • Move the mouse to rotate the scene


Click on the image to load the demo

Just another test, using Low Poly City from 3dsmax tutorial scene.

For control :

  • Left Key move the camera to the left
  • Right Key move the camera to the right.

For some “strange” reason, textures wasn’t exported so i must add it manually, also adding shades (such transparency) for leaf.

Click on the image to load the demo>

A very first example using unity 3d plugins (Only for Windows / OSX).

For controlling you can use:
Arrow Keys + W-S + E-D keys.

It’s uses reflex script code and some physic features.


  • Add more keys to control different servo.
  • Clamp features.
  • To be able to catch the ball.
  • Change the textures and adding more physics stuffs.
  • A GUI.
  • Moar More lights

Test updating images

Posted by ShoZu

Hi there, it’s just a sample updating the image directly from my cellphone to wordpress, nice!.